LFNBOOS Palace Mosquito Net Mosquito Bed Bedding Stainless Steel Telescopic Rod Household Anti-Mosquito@200 * 220 * 210Cm_A Arc Telescopic - Purple

Modèle: 00045066


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Couleur:A arc telescopic - purple
Dimensions: (width length height)120*200*210cm (4.0kg)150*200*210cm (4.2kg)180*200*210cm (4.4kg)Circular retractable mosquito net (50D super soft encryption account yarn default column 32mm. foot plate 18cm. height 210cm)Color: Pink Purple Jade Beige [1.2 meters only beige and jade. other sizes are complete]Cleaning and maintenance: Wash synthetic fiber (polyester. nylon. vinylon and polypropylene) nets. first soak in water for 2-3 minutes. wash off the surface dust. then use 2-3 tablespoons of washing powder. into the basin with cold water. After dissolving. put in a mosquito net. soak for 15-20 minutes. gently rub it by hand.Do not use hot water to heat. otherwise it will be deformed. (add a proper amount of softener to soak). rinse with water. hang in a ventilated place to dry. Never iron. Wash the nets. wrap them in a plastic bag or cloth and wrap them separately.Do not put the hygienic ball. If it is mixed with other clothes. the hygienic ball should be wrapped in white paper and placed in the corners of the cabinet. Do not touch the synthetic mosquito net. Otherwise. the strength will be reduced and stains will appear.Product Category: Mosquito netStyle: Fishing rod retractable mosquito netNumber of doors opened: overlapping doorsMaterial: Encrypt 24 eyes 50D book yarnBracket material: stainless steel tubeApplicable object: GeneralInstallation method: need to install
Available in a variety of styles and sizes. it is large enough for all single beds. double beds and cots.
The beautiful account is along the lace. elegant and romantic. The bracket is thicker and thicker. and the pull is smoother and smoother.
Lightweight and breathable: Made of polyester. soft and light. It has plenty of holes for air circulation for a comfortable night's sleep.
[Portable] - Mosquito nets are very comfortable and safe to use. Carrying bags is very practical. easy to travel. camping or at home.
It is easy to fix them on the ceiling and use them repeatedly when the machine is cold-washed. Ironing is not recommended.